Pelican’s Way Press is the literary imprint of Lunada Bay Letterpress. Now this sounds very grand for what is actually a hobby, so I’ll explain.

I discovered letterpress printing in 2006 and by the summer of 2007 had set up a letterpress studio in my living room. It seems that the first thing fellow enthusiasts ask of a printer is, “What is the name of your press?” So I called myself Lunada Bay Letterpress after a cove about a five-minute walk from my house.

I began by printing stationery for friends, but that phase did not last very long. I soon discovered that what I really wanted to print was broadsides and books. “Lunada Bay Letterpress” sounded rather commercial, so I decided to establish a literary imprint. I chose the name “Pelican’s Way Press” because my house is directly on a pelican flight path. Squadrons of them soar by many times a day. The name is also a ¬†reference to one of my favorite books, Swann’s Way.

This page will evolve slowly if it evolves at all. Most of what I thrust into cyberspace is on my Flickr page¬†, but I’m also a frequent conversant in the Briar Press and Letpress forums.

Thanks for visiting!

Barbara Hauser